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October 23, 2019
It is not a huge place to walk but when you walk here you just feel it is beautiful. I and my friends love to walk here. It is really precious place in Haeundae.
October 03, 2019
APEC 하우스는 한국의 전통건축 양식인 '정자'를 현대적 감각으로 탄생시킨 곳이다. 지붕은 동백섬의 능선을 형상화하였고 외부 사선 기둥 12개는 역동성을 나타낸다. The APEC House is the place where the traditional Korean architectural style of "jeongja" was born in a modern sense. The roof features the ridges of Dongbaek Island and 12 outer oblique columns represent…
산이, San-Yi
산이, San-Yi
August 21, 2018
-This island is known for its thick forest of camellias and pine trees. It came in the international spotlight after the construction of the Nurimaru APEC House (2nd APEC Summit venue). -동백나무와 소나무가 울창하며 APEC 제2 정상회의장(누리 마루 APEC하우스)이 건립되어 세계의 주목을 받는 곳이다.
June 24, 2017
apec 2005 very nice place
October 01, 2015
This is where the 2005 APEC Summit was held. Nurimaru means "the summit of the world. The overall architecture of the building is designed to express 'Gazebo'.

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