Bedste Bagerier i København

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A very typical Danish pastry, often baked at home, and love by many, Kanelsnurrer are “Cinnamon twists/twirls”. Meyers are most famous for theirs, which are huge, moist, and oozing with sweet cinnamon

Claus Meyer is one of the most well respected chefs in Denmark and if you want to have your Danish pastry done to perfection, this is the place to go. The place offers no seating but you can enjoy ... læs mere

Claus Meyer is a pioneer on the Danish food scene. He has stores and bakeries all over the city and is known for good quality and his no-nonsense approach. This little bakery is delicious!!

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Danes Love bread. Lagkagehuset sells several versions of rugbrød, the dark and savory rye bread that Danes so love. Top tip: don’t ask for “a Danish”—in Denmark, pastries are known as Viennese bread.

Lagkagehuset is famous for their strawberry torte ('Jorbær tærte') which taste even more delightful if you enjoy it while sitting by the canal side! Good place to try Danish pastry

The second best bakery in town - try their chokorug a nordic variation of the scone which combines rye bread and 70% dark chokolate. You can get a good coffee and they serve breakfast as well.



$$· 7 Enghave Pl.·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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The popular Kihoskh got a baby brother! It's a bakery called Brød where you can spoil your tastebuds with delicious bread. It's the people behind the hip and popular Kihoskh that have opened the ... læs mere

The small deli primarily sells all sorts of varieties of cheese , ​​cafe set outside. Homemade sandwiches with Hall farm sausage , French pate , Italian baked ham with herbs or Knuthenlund cheese

Oh this is my very favorite bakery around the corner. Go here and grab a coffee and some freshly baked danish pastries or bread to go. Highly recommend trying their cinnamon rolls + almond crossaints.

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Forget everything you thought you knew about bread. This place is AMAZING. They make the best organic sourdough bread that you will ever taste. They also make incredible pizzas.

In the bakery you will find a range of sourdough breads, homemade croissants and cakes - a good place to stop by and buy bread for breakfast, an afternoon snack or even to order a pizza (between 17... læs mere

One of my favourites in Copenhagen. Here you'll find some of the best bread and pastries in town. Try the 'ølandshvedebrød' and their 'luksussnegl' - my absolute favourites here. They do great take... læs mere

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The patisserie La Glace in Copenhagen has a large selection of delicious cakes made from the best ingredients. Since the young confectioner Nicolaus Henningsen opened his shop in 1870, there has b... læs mere

The coffee only comes black and the hot chocolate is made with real chocolate. The cakes are made from scratch and there is a sugar-overload-guranteed at Denmarks oldest patisserie!

If you into sweet, you must visit La Glace. La Glace open since 1870, you must try their famous Sport's Cake. It super delicious, and it worth it even will gain a bit of weight.



$$$· 120 Nørrebrogade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Great bakery, though a bit pricey, but as are all of them. Known for their cake called 'Christianshavner kage' which is definitely worth a try if you have a sweet tooth.

It's not cheap, but I promise you won't regret it. Lagkagehuset has the best bread in town. Also you can eat your breakfast in here while using their free wifi.

Nice bakery. Especially their cakes are amazing. They also have small cafe. My own favourite is 'Christianshavnerkagen' - ask for that, it's excellent ;-).



$$$· 9 Sortedam Dossering·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Combined bakery and café, this high quality franchise has won over Denmark and can now be found anywhere in Copenhagen. This is the place with the best view and morning sun.

Great bakery offering a range of organic and paleo bread and possibility to enjoy a coffee and cake outdoors facing the lakes.

Enjoy your pastry/breakfast in front of the lakes! A bakery, that has something to offer for everyone. Here you can set your teeth into anything from strawberry tart croissants, rye bread, sandwich... læs mere

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Organic backery with a café - very nice bread. You can hang out and enjoy the city life at Østerbrogade.

Very good bakery - especially for bread. Organic but also relatively expensive. You can also go for breakfast, coffee, cakes and sandwiches

Great bakery! Enjoy some of their amazing cinnamon-buns, some breakfast or dare to taste some Ryebread.

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Do not try their cinnamon buns...unless you want to be hooked for life. They serve nice, simple breakfast as well - good coffee too. Pricey but good quality

Very nice bakery, open 7:00 - 18:00. You can eat your bread roll or your Danish pastry and drink your coffee or juice in the shop as well. Also nice sandwiches. On Sunday mornings you'll often see ... læs mere

The absolute best bakery in the neighbourhood. If you dont mind take a smal walk to by bread and pastry you should definitely go there instead of Emmerys.

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Brødkunsten is very good baker. Buy bread or the traditional wienerbrød- danish pastries as good as they come.

Very nice bakery with fresh baked bread and traditional danish pastries every day.

Classic Danish bakery with bread and cakes


Pure Bread

$$· 17 Rosenvængets Allé·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Excellent organic bakery, Fair prices and huge pastries. Take away or eat in

A nice organic bakery, bread, cakes and coffee.

Ecobakery with distinct bread. Situated 200 meters away in the cozy, cobbled Rosenvængets Allé.

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A very good organic bakery, which sells delicious bread and wonderfull Danish cakes. Not cheap.

Buy a coffe and a Danish to go, and take a walk around the lakes like a true Copenhagener, the moment the sun comes out. Add a good friend and stroll along.

Emmerys organic bakery and coffee. Buy a coffee "to-go" and sit on a bench at the trendy Dronning Louises Bridge. From here you can enjoy the pulse of the city.


Det Rene Brød

$$· 176 Nørrebrogade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Organic bakery - Try the cranbery scones ;)

Great, biological bread. Get Danish pastry, sourdough bread or try the "Hindbærsnitte" - a cake with icing and raspberries.

Cozy organic bakery with coffee and a few seats - Get your freshly baked morning roll here! :-)



39 Øster Farimagsgade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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This bakery just across the street sells freshly baked organic bread and delicious pastries. It's situated in the famous old residence area 'Kartoffelrækkerne'. The interiour is in a bright and wh... læs mere

Eco baker with great bread and coffee! And their cakes are dreamy too. Not a cheap place though :-) You can sit there (as a café) or take it with you.

Cozy modern organic cafe with breads dedicated to Scandinavian taste and the atmosphere is so cozy. Early birds would love it as many Danes pass-by to get their morning coffee before heading to wor... læs mere

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The best bakery, just across the street.

They always have a long line, and there is a reason why. A very nice bakery to grab a cup of coffee and some breakfast, to enjoy in the park just across the street.

This is the place to go for bread and cakes. They also serve coffee and other things. We personally like the bread, "Kernespeltbrød", which has a good taste.



$$$· 4 A Vesterbrogade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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A good bakery in the same building as the tourist office. Emmerys next to REMA 1000 is closer and has a wider selection.

A traditional Danish bakery - but with great bread. Try their pastries or cakes, and you're in heaven . You can eat breakfast and drink coffee there , or just pick up what you need.

One of the oldest bakery-chain in the city. They sell classic danish pastries and they all are absolutely delicious. Try the strawberry cake - 'jordbærtærte' in Danish.



35 H. C. Ørsteds Vej·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Good bread rolls and freshly squeezed carrot / orange juice (but quite expensive)

A really good bakery, try the danish dark bread for lunch and of cause the danish pastry for your breakfast

High quality bakery. Do mostly in bread, but have a small selection of cakes as well. Also a lot of other great products such as oils, jam, juices etc.



$$$· 148 Amagerbrogade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Great, rather expensive. Love their strawberry cake, Gateau Marcel and also their rye bread

Lagkage huset is quite expensive but they have the best strawberry cakes. Yum. And also a very good coffee.

The best bakery in Copenhagen, known for quality bread and cakes. Try their famous "jordbærtærte" (strawberry tart), yum!

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One of the best places to experience the Danish bakery art. Great takes on traditional Danish bread and pastry.

Here you can try Danish original recipe bakery

Great pastries, freshly baked bread, sandwiches, coffee etc..

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Big choice and delicious bread, cakes and danish pastries!

Get their "flødeboller" with caramel and "direktørsnegl" (cinnamon bun)

A bakery, that has something to offer for everyone. Here you can set your teeth into anything from strawberry tart croissants, rye bread, sandwiches or get your breakfast! It also offers great coff... læs mere



$$$· 28 Nordre Frihavnsgade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Very nice bakery, open 6.30-19. You can eat your bread roll or your Danish pastry and drink your coffee or juice in the shop as well. Also nice sandwiches.

Also a great bakery. They have the best cakes in CPH - especially the "Christianshavner" cake (strawberry foam, fresh berries and a base of hazelnuts)

One of the best bakeries in the city for pastry - cinnamon snails, strawberry cream cakes, etc.

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Large bakery with all the bread and cakes you could ask for.

Very nice bakery and pastry shop. You can also get sandwiches for lunch time, and ice cream in the summer.

Best bakery, got many different kinds of bread, cakes, and sanwiches.


Granny's House ApS

$$· 75 Søborg Hovedgade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Cosiest cafe around Copenhagen, that serves the best bread and cakes in town! Definitely worth a visit.

Because the atmosphe is lovely and you can choose whether to sit inside or outside. Besides that, the bread and breakfast tastes like heaven.

Not just a bakery. Perhaps one of Copenhagen's best bakeries. You can buy the most delicious breakfast to take home or you can book a table and have a brunch, lunch or eat yourself through the most... læs mere

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A great place to get good bread, also pastries for breakfast.

Gluten free and dairy free friendly!

Delicious freshly baked bread every morning. It has all the Danish pastries you'll need to try whilst you're here



147B Trekronergade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Bakery and café, very nice. Everything is organic, they also sell wine, jam, chokolate, pasta, sandwiches etc. Entrance from Carl Jacobsensvej, just around the corner.

One of Copenhagens nicest bakerys with a a big variety of bread and cakes. Its also a cafe where you can enjoy good coffee and sandwiches.

Delicious bakery with ecological bread and cakes. Their matcha-latte is also great:-)



$$$· 120 Nørrebrogade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Well-known Danish bakery chain serving authentic Danish pastry. Try the 'Direktørsnegl', it's amazing!

Most famous bakery chain in Copenhagen with a broad variety of bread and pastry

Best cakes in town. Personal favourites: Chokolade snitte, carrotcake, chocolate peanutpie, kartoffelcake



$$$· 100 Strandvejen·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Best baker in the area, great breads and cakes

Bakery and coffee shop - the best and most expensive... Only 2 minutes walk. To eat or to go.

Good bakery/ café. It`s quite small in size so therefore we recommend that you buy your tasty cakes and lovely coffee as take-away. Bring it to the beach or just home.



$$$· 21 Frederiksberggade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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Cakes and pastry galore. + Salads and snacks, bread. Good place for stocking up on breakfast stuff if you dont want to sit in a cafe. Bit pricey but good!

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The best bakery near by. Love their cakes.

Best bakery in the area. Fantastic bread and cakes

Award-winning bread, and some of the best romkugler in town!


Eriks Bageri

$$· 176 Amagerbrogade·Kort·Timer·Hjemmeside·

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One of the best bakers in Copenhagen. Note: It is closed on Sundays.

Classic danish pastries, cakes and bread in high quality.

This place has high quality traditonal Danish breads and cakes. If you want to try something really Danish you should buy a rye bread. Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 0500-1800 and Saturday: 0500-1600. C... læs mere