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De bedste anbefalinger fra lokale

Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.

“What is it? The royal residence at the top of Karl Johans gate, home to HM King Harald V and HM Queen Sonja. The Royal Palace Park surrounds the palace on all sides and features grassy areas, majestic trees, small ponds and statues. Why go? Although the palace is open to the public only during 22 June until 25 August and all visitors must follow a guided tour, the impressive building at the end of Karl Johans street is worth a look. The grounds and gardens are free for visitors to wander around and for the regular changing of the guard every day at 1.30 pm.”
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Car Wash
“Shopping, foods, museums, cafes, everything next to the sea with the view to Akershus Fortress and the islands in the Oslo fjord.”
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Art Gallery
“A few of the most famous artworks of Munch are also displayed here. You can also see the National Romantic Period in Norway.”
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“The Palace Park The Palace Park, one of the Norwegian capital’s first and largest parks, surrounds the Royal Palace on all sides and features grassy areas as well as old, majestic trees. The Palace Park was developed simultaneously with the construction of the new Royal Palace, and is based on the ideal model of nature that prevailed in European horticulture in the mid-1800s. Comprising part of the Palace Park, the Queen’s Park dates all the way back to 1751 when it was created as a private garden in the Rococo style on the plot of land known as Sommerro. It was integrated into the Palace Park in 1840. The Palace Park is a protected cultural monument and is managed by the Palace gardeners. The main part is open to the public all year, and the Queen’s Park is open from 18 May to 1 October. ”
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“Interesting temporary art exhibitions around the themes of human rights as well as a permanent collection on the Nobel Peace Prize (which is awarded in Oslo). ”
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Italian Restaurant
“Villa Paradiso in Solli has maybe the best Italian pizza in Oslo and offers a nice international vibe.”
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Sushi Restaurant
“Try Alex Sushi in Solli (most expensive, but definitely best sushi in town)”
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Chinese Restaurant
“Busy lunch and dinner place (no wnder! The food is superb). Remember to book a table in advance!”
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Champagne Bar
“Champagneria brings joy to its patrons and envy to its competitors. Distinctly upscale, irreproachably hip, and mercifully well off the beaten track, ... Champagneria brings joy to its patrons and envy to its competitors. Distinctly upscale, irreproachably hip, and mercifully well off the beaten track, it serves excellent Champagne (the clue’s in the name), fine wine, and some very toothsome tapas. The menu is very thoughtfully divided into sections ( e.g. Blanc de Blanc / Chardonnay), and those with big pockets will no doubt be interest interested to spot 1956 Veuve Clicquot Brut on the menu. Interestingly, it was made from Pinot Noire of 1956 vintage, Chardonnay from that great year 1928, ”
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Shopping Mall
“High quality shopping, if you want exclusive brands and stores. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-20 and Saturday 10-18.”
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Movie Theater
“ The most cozy cinema in Oslo! Here you can enjoy a glass of wine during the movie.”
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Transit Station
“This is the park around the Royal Palace, at the end of Karl Johans street. Beautiful park, nice to visit.”
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City Hall
“Hear the bells at Oslo's City Hall ring to the tune of David Bowie and Mötorhead songs. The clock tower standing on the grounds of Oslo’s City Hall (Rådhusplassen, in Norwegian) has played a musical interlude every hour for years. It’s a tradition. However, the carillonists operating the bells, are far from bound by tradition when deciding what music to play.”
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“Beautiful venue, great atmosphere and high quality, organic food and drinks. ”
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Asian Restaurant
“High-end Asian-Fusion restaurant. Great food and athmosphere, but expensive”
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“A fortress dating back to 1299 AC. If you are interested in WWII history, the museum of National Resistance is amazing!”
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