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Legendarisk historie støder sammen med vrimlende energi i Italiens monumentale hovedstad.

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Rome’s main sights are conveniently clustered together in the historic center, making it easy to get around on foot. The metro, known as La Metropolitana, has 2 lines which span the city's center and interchange at Termini Central Station. There’s also an extensive tram network that can whisk you around the Eternal City. Driving is for the bold, but it’s a great way to get out of town. Unlike other cities, you can't hail a cab on the street. Instead, find a taxi at a cab stand. And of course, if you want to feel like a real Roman, a Vespa is the best way to travel in style.

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Ancient ruins, The Colosseum, The Renaissance, Vatican City, The Pope, piazza sitting, people watching, pizza by the ounce, Vespas, soccer, brio

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Locals Love

Hidden alleyways, talking you into things, riding motos, people watching in piazzas, long Sunday lunches, eating outdoors, sipping espresso, soccer, bucatini

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Locals Complain About

Sciopero (workers on strike), traffic, the temperature in August, plodding bureaucracy