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    Hvordan donerer jeg af min udbetaling?

    Hosts can donate a specified percentage of each payout to help people find temporary housing in times of need. Your donations go to the Open Homes Fund, which distributes grants to nonprofit partners of Airbnb’s Open Homes program. These trusted nonprofits connect people impacted by or responding to disasters, medical patients and caregivers, and refugees and asylum seekers, with temporary housing.

    Hosts in the United States and a number of other countries can start donating today. We're working on making donations available in more countries over time. If you aren't currently able to donate through Airbnb Donations, please check back in the future.

    Manage your donation 

    You can change your donation percentage or opt out of donating at any time from the Payments & Payouts section of your Account. You’ll be able to change the donation amount until the reservation payout has been initiated by Airbnb, generally one day after guest checkout.

    To opt in (or opt out) of donating, or to change your donation percentage:

    • Go to your Account
    • Under Payments & Payouts, go to Donations 
    • Under Manage your donations, click the toggle to opt in to donations (to opt out, click the toggle again)
    • Set or change the percentage of your donation
    • Click Save

    Tax deductibility 

    For hosts paying income tax in the United States, donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable under United States tax law as a charitable contribution to the Open Homes Fund, located at PayPal Giving Fund. PayPal Giving Fund is a charity exempt from US federal income tax (a 501(c)(3) charity). For hosts who are fiscal residents of Mexico, donations are tax-deductible under the USA/Mexico Treaty to Avoid Double Taxation, when all applicable conditions are met.

    We’re working on making donations tax-deductible for hosts in other countries, and we’ll let you know when we have an update for your location.


    We’ll send you an annual receipt at the beginning of next year for this year’s donations. You can also find a link to your annual receipt in your Host Dashboard.

    Donation collection 

    We’ll collect your donation automatically when your host payout is initiated, as a percentage of each payout. Because donations are tied to payouts, you can find them in upcoming and completed payouts in your Transaction History, as well as in your payout confirmation email. Donations are not refundable after your payout has been initiated by Airbnb.

    Donation allocation 

    The Open Homes Fund grants funds to nonprofits that connect people with temporary housing when they are traveling due to conflict, disaster, medical treatment, or respite. These organizations are world-renowned experts in their fields, including Mercy Corps and the Cancer Support Community.

    Our partners have varying needs, and the Open Homes Fund provides the flexibility to support nonprofits when they need it most. We’ll provide periodic email updates on your impact, including an annual donations report. Learn more about who your donations could help at Open Homes.

    Donations and split payouts 

    At this time, it’s not possible for us to collect donations for a listing if split payouts are set up—which means that payouts are sent to more than one payout method. However, donations will still work for any of your listings that do not have split payouts.

    For example, if a co-host receives a portion of payouts by using a separate payout method, that listing may not be eligible for donations. You can make a listing eligible for donations by editing your routing rules and removing split payouts, so that all payouts for that listing go to a single payout method. Learn more about split payouts.

    No fees 

    100% of your donation goes to support nonprofits connecting people with temporary housing in times of need. No fees are charged on the donation by Airbnb or PayPal Giving Fund.

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